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S. Vendil - Simple Tasks (2020)

From the composer:
“Simple Tasks” is a solo piano piece based on a list of easy tasks: things that I could do to maintain a sense of stability while processing immense grief and anxiety. This was written for my best friend, pianist Walter Aparicio. Video by Sugar Vendil

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A. Ginastera - Sonata No. 2, Op. 53 - III. Ostinato Aymara

Ginastera Centennial Concert, June 2016 – the cell theatre

From the composer:
The third movement, Ostinato aymará, takes the form of a toccata whose fundamental rhythm comes from a dance called “karnavalito” This part is solid and impetuous and is characteristic of South American music. 

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S. Barber - Nocturne, Op. 33

Recorded Live at Santa Cruz Foundation for the Performing Arts, 2019

Known for his more neoclassical and neo-romantic style, composer Samuel Barber employs the 12-tone technique in this nocturne, though it is cleverly disguised to be more palatable for the ears. Also at play is his use of this particular genre that he dedicates to John Field – the inventor of the nocturne.

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L. van Beethoven - Sonata Op. 2 No 2 - I. Allegro vivace

Recorded at Manhattan School of Music, 2008

The first movement of this sonata is bright and energetic in character. It displays Beethoven’s playful side as well as his ability to immediately switch to drama and pathos. Beethoven scholar writes:  “The second sonata is flawless in execution and entirely beyond the range of Haydn and Mozart in harmonic and dramatic thought, except in the Finale.”

Aires Indios: Piano Music of Bolivia
Eduardo Caba, Simeón Roncal & Marvin Sandi
a word from the artist…

This collection of music is very special to me because it embodies the sounds of the folklore and spirit of my native country, Bolivia. Each one, in its own way, represents a certain aspect of the varied and widespread culture of the land. Personally, they speak to me because Bolivian traditions were always kept in our home as a child in the US. From traditional music, food and dancing, these customs were at the heart of family life. Recording this CD was a logical step in my musical journey as it is so much a part of me. 

"unadorned, gentle, and austere...
charming music that is worthwhile hearing..."

Radu A. Lelutiu, Fanfare [Nov/Dec 2015]